Proceedings of Parliament - Video Archive

Meeting of Parliament - 26th October 2016

26th October 2016 - The Civil Marriage Amendment Act 2016


Meeting of Parliament - 24th June 2016

24th June 2016 - Statement by the Hon the Chief Minister on EU Referendum outcome

24th June 2016 - Statement by the Hon the Leader of the Opposition on EU Referendum outcome


Meeting of Parliament - 28th/30th July 2015 - Motions

30th July 2015 - Gibraltar LNG Terminal Risk Assessment Motion

28th July 2015 - Community Care Motion


Meeting of Parliament - 1st April 2015 - Motions

1st April 2015 - Motion 1
This House considers that Mr Feetham clearly misled the House‎ when he stated that he was not aware that the law firm of which he is a partner, Hassans, were solicitors for the operators of the Sunborn floating hotel;

1st April 2015 - Motion 2
This House condemns the Leader of the Opposition for attempting to mislead the readers of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses excellent magazine, “In Touch”, by the use of the following statements and arguments;

1st April 2015 - Motion 3
Dr Giraldi Home Motion